What Makes People Use Drugs?

The Basics of Drug Abuse

What is drug abuse? This is a question that many people ask themselves, especially if a loved one is involved. Do you know what makes people of almost all ages become addicted to drugs? Let’s take a look at the typical reasons for this serious and dangerous medical condition:

Drug addiction is a brain disease causing the affected person to seek and use these addictive substances all the time. This is a critical problem for the society these days. People who use them cannot work, entertain, or lead a normal social life. They literally live and sleep for the idea to insert such substances into their bodies.

What are the circumstances that can lead to such a condition? Some individuals try drugs because their family members and peers are doing the same. In general, an unstable home environment is the main cause of this issue. Divorce, the loss of a loved one, or being heartbroken could trigger this medical condition that, according to many scientists, is developing gradually. Domestic abuse or sexual harassment could be other reasons to fall into drug abuse. A great number of both young and older people use drugs because of inadequate supervision or poor and unsuccessful relationships. Since this is also a brain disease that changes the way the brain functions, people using them are actually trying to escape the reality.

But what makes people who never tried any addictive substances to become abused to drugs? It could be a mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, deep depression, anxiety, and more. Some individuals just become bored and think that using drugs will help. Boredom is a big problem for teenagers and young people. Some think these substances will help relieve stress and physical pain. If a drug, like a medical marijuana, is prescribed by a doctor, it should be OK.

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