Want to Know the Consequences of Failing Your Drug Test?

Drug Testing in Las Vegas, NV, 89128 at affordable priceWhat Happens If You Fail a Probation Drug Testing?

Probation is said to be a second chance for people that have been convicted of certain crimes. Law enforcement takes any violations very seriously. When individuals fail their probation drug testing, they are often subject to restrictions which are more stringent, and sometimes, told to enter a drug rehabilitation center. With certain cases, individuals are even sent to jail, where they will carry out the remainder of their sentence. The consequences of failing a drug test greatly depend on the crime which was originally committed.

When contemplating penalties for probation violations that involve drugs or alcohol, a judge needs to consider the circumstances which surrounded the original crime which led to the sentence in the first place. When the first offense also involved drugs, the penalty is often quite severe. For instance, a judge could conclude stricter consequences for failing a drug test is warranted for offenders that were previously convicted of driving while under the influence. With such cases, they could order the individual to under a drug rehabilitation program.

Often, penalties are not as severe. And individual that have committed minor infractions in the past and have otherwise complied with all of their probationary guidelines, then the judge could rule the best course of action is for the offender to serve community hours. They could also extend the individual’s probation period, in addition to imposing tighter restrictions on them.

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Or, in addition to penalties, the judge could order a person that failed their probation drug testing to wear a monitoring bracelet. The individual must wear this at all times and, these are not that easy to remove. Any attempts to remove this device sends an electronic signal to law enforcement and will alert them about tampering. Some appliances will also detect alcohol use, while others are programmed to detect drug usage by sleep patterns.

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