Alcohol and Drug Testing, Evaluations, and Educational Classes

Do you need the help of professional drug testing service providers? Maybe you want to visit educational DUI classes? If that is the case, All States DUI School is the team of specialists that will help you with your situation. Based in Las Vegas, NV, we are ready to offer you our expertise in matters that involve education, evaluation, and testing for drugs and alcohol.

All States DUI School
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How Can We Help?

 Woman with clipboard and drug testWe provide a precise alcohol and drug abuse testing service, as well as evaluations, counseling, and education courses for DUI prevention. With us, you will receive much more than cold numbers and results. We will extend a helping hand to provide our clients with understanding, guidance, and educational advice for people who suffer from addiction or are otherwise affected.

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 blood extractionWhat We Do

The severity of the problem and the devastating impact of addiction, alcohol, and drug abuse are unquestionable. To address the issue, we point our attention towards prevention and guidance through proper understanding and educational classes that are focused towards alcohol and drug abuse. In addition, we offer our equipment and expertise for various tests and evaluations, including pre-employment alcohol and drug testing. Whether you are looking for an education DUI center or you need evaluation and counseling, we are always here for you.

When it comes to providing an alcohol and drug abuse testing service, we are the professionals that can help with your situation. We work with qualified, experienced, and dedicated employees, who will handle your requests in a professional manner. Whether you need our expertise for a high-profile job that requires drug testing or you need us to help you face a great challenge in your life, we will make sure to greet you with the professionalism, discretion, and understanding that you deserve.

Our DUI center and educational classes provide comprehensive courses for people who express an interest in the development, implementation, and evaluation of policies and programs that will address the issues society is facing. One does not need DUI classes to know how dangerous such behavior may prove to be, yet getting to know the problem at its roots is crucial for finding the solution.

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For testing and evaluations, we provide our clients with a legal report that can serve as a reference for the appropriate instances. We hold our educational programs in a professional environment, and we tax our clients at reasonable rates that help us develop further.

Based in Las Vegas, NV, All States DUI School is the right place for anyone who needs services, consultations, and education related to substance abuse, addiction, and DUI. Licensed to offer you drug counseling and insured, we have been serving people from far and wide for over 20 years. Contact us today to find out more about our school and center!


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